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Another great workout season at the areas best!

By Ron Westmoreland, 04/10/18, 5:15PM EDT


As the snow clears, the temperatures improve and the players take the field, I wanted to take a minute to thank our loyal ITZ Members, Teams, Leagues and patrons for an outstanding winter workout season. Over the years it is obvious that those who want to develop properly identify ITZ as "the place to get better". Thank you for that confidence and loyalty !

I am so lucky to have professional teachers like Jake, Kathy, Nick, Ryan and Yoshi who represent the values of what we stand for in a way that is refreshing and unmatched. They truly represent all that is good in teaching the game, from real knowledge to being rewarded by the players development progress more than the compensation. It's fun to watch, I appreciate so much all that they mean to ITZ's reputation. Their exceptional character and welcoming demeanor, along with a great young man like Kaiden at the desk is a consistently voiced appreciation of our club that makes me very proud.

On both a personal and professional level, the highlight over the past year has been the opportunity to work alongside my son Ryan, and to witness the resounding impact he has on those that frequent the facility. I can't wait to coach alongside him this summer and allow our team the opportunity to be around him and to learn from him. I realize that ITZ is just a bridge to great things he will continue to do from his experiences, but he has impacted many young players both from teaching the game and simple conversation. Some are too young to understand what he has been through, but those who know his story recognize the true inspiration he is. I wish everyone had a chance to see him play the game, as he was a remarkable athlete and baseball player, but they now have had a chance to meet him and realize that he is an even better person. He defines all of the life values intended when I established ITZ and our Gulls program. Thank you Westy, for making us all better every day.

I hope that every young baseball and softball player that trained at ITZ this past Winter realizes success this Spring and Summer, not just in their performance on the field, but in being a great teammate and student of this special game. I'm sure you will all make your family very proud. 

Thank you !

Ron Westmoreland